The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few

Members of the Vocation movement are committed to supporting the mission of the Consolers and Little Lilies of the Apostolate.

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How the mission started

Vocation Movement for the Consolers and Little Lilies was established by His Lordship Most Rev. Ayo-Maria ATOYEBI OP, Bishop Emeritus of Ilorin Diocese in 2016.

The Great Promises of our Lord

...As I have appealed to you, help and appeal to others. I have prepared many hearts in the world to help carry out My projects. They will hear you when you call out to them. My promises are great for them (Jesus to Barnabas).

Membership Categories

There is no strict restriction to the membership of this movement. Everyone is invited to this noble project. It is open to all God's people and men of good will. Membership is however categorized into three'

Ordinary Members (Sponsors)

These are members who support the movement with their prayers, sacrifice and monetary contribution occassionally.

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Committed Members (Sponsors + Benefactors)

These are those who take it upon themselves to carry the burden of the training of the Consolers/Little Lilies either as partial sponsors or full sponsors. They are also known as the benefactors of the vocation movement. They also take it as their duty to pray for the success of the mission daily and to promote the vocation.

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Administrative Members (Sponsors + Administration)

These are the committed members chosen to carry out the secretarial affairs of this movement. They can either be elected or appointed from the committed members of this movement..

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Benefit and Privileges of Members

Members enjoy numerous benefit and privilages


Members are remembered in the daily community prayers of the various communities of the congregations.

Free Retreat

They are entitled to a free annual national retreat at the Holy Land and requested diocesan retreats as time permits.

Special Prayer

We offer special prayers for monthly intentions of the members forwarded to our E-mail address.

Novena Mass

At the death of a faithful registered member, he/she is entitled to one year novena masses, a member of the nuclear family also is entitled to 9 days novena masses.

Do you feel called to be one?

If you come across this and your spirit prompts you to be part of this mission, you can make more inquiries from the members of Precious Blood Devotion in your locality for proper guidance or reach out to us through our contact page on this website.